Flail Mower – Pto

Tractor Mounted

The PTO-driven flail mower from Loftness adds versatility to your existing tractor with 540 RPM PTO and 25-70 horsepower. It can attach via Cat. I or II, free-link or quick hitch. This heavy-duty unit is a great option for cutting grass, weeds and brush up to 3/4 inches in diameter, all using the same knives. It can be mounted centered or 14 inches offset to the right to meet your needs.

A hydraulic-powered model is also available for use on skid steers.

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Perfectly Balanced

Using the latest computer balancing technology, every rotor is balanced at high speeds before assembly. Then, Loftness goes the extra step to ensure peak performance by running a full operational speed test after assembly.



Model 72M 90M
Power Required (hp) 25 – 70 30 – 70
Width of Cut in Inches 72″ 90″
Overall Width in Inches 84″ 102″
Number of Knives 96 (48 sets) 120 (60 sets)
Weight 1,040 LBS (471.7 kg) 1,200 LBS (544.3 kg)
Warning: Due to the possible danger of flying debris, impact-resistant shielding MUST be provided for the operator. The owner is responsible for providing operator-protection devices on the power unit.




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