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Prime Movers Up To 375 Horsepower

We’ve taken the most popular features of our Battle Ax series and made modifications for prime movers up to 375 horsepower. The result is the Battle Ax Extreme forestry mulcher. We gave it depth gauges, a two-stage cutting chamber, twin variable-speed piston motors, heavy-duty steel construction and all-new extreme triple carbide teeth for reliable performance in even the toughest operating conditions.

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Depth Gauges

The Battle Ax rotor design uses built-in depth gauges to control cutting depth, like raker teeth on a chainsaw.

Two-Stage Cutting Chamber

Two shear bars allow the Battle Ax to produce a finer mulch with fewer passes. The primary shear bar is replaceable.

Extreme Triple Carbide Teeth

The extreme triple carbide teeth are engineered specifically for the most powerful prime movers. They feature an overlapping cap design that helps prevent the tooth mounts from damage if the rotor is driven into rocks. The teeth are mounted with a single bolt for easy replacement on the jobsite.

Bent-Axis Variable-Speed Piston Motors

The Battle Ax Extreme features twin hydraulic motors. These variable-displacement piston motors automatically shift the rotor RPM from the highest speed to a lower range for increased torque as needed. The result is less stalling and a shorter recovery time, helping operators to concentrate on the job instead of power settings and continuous head repositioning. These motors provide a more effective use of power as the head RPM increases under lighter loads, allowing operators to quickly slice through smaller or more flexible growth, as well as when back-dragging material on the ground. As larger trees, trucks and stumps are engaged, the motor increases the drive displacement to increase torque. The motors require 52-108 GPM at up to 6,000 PSI and spin the rotor between 1,400 and 1,900 RPM.

Dual Synchronous Belt Drive

The positive drive, cog belt and sprocket design maximizes efficiency and requires less maintenance than other drive types.

Movable Door With Protected Cylinder

The hydraulically actuated door can be closed to trap material for further processing or opened to provide access for felling trees. The hydraulic cylinder that actuates the door is shielded within the belt cover to help protect it from damage.

Machined Anti-Wrap Bearing Protection

Rotor ends are machine turned to mate with close tolerance, machined anti-wrap rings, which minimize debris in the bearing chamber.

Tree Pusher Bar

A fixed tree-pusher bar is standard on the Battle Ax Extreme mulching head. Constructed with integrated, welded claw hooks, the bar helps push falling trees and brush away from the prime mover, while also allowing them to be properly positioned for efficient feeding into the head. A hydraulically adjustable pusher bar is optional.

Premium Strength Steel Housing

All body components are laser cut from premium strength steel. Also, abrasion resistant steel is used in high-wear areas. Customers can choose between the Light series at (5,605 lbs/2,542.4 kgs), or the Heavy series at (6,680 lbs/3,030 kgs), depending on the prime mover/carrier being used. Or, they can select the heavy series, weighing in at 6,680 pounds (3,030 kg), with even more steel for the most demanding applications.

Steel Deflector Chains

Running the entire length of the mulching attachment, steel deflector chains improve safety by reducing flying debris.

2-Year Warranty

The Battle Ax comes standard with an industry-leading 2-year warranty.



Model 80BEL 80BEH
Cutting Width 80″ (203.2 cm) 80″ (203.2 cm)
Overall Width 102″ (259.1 cm) 102″ (259.1 cm)
Number of Teeth 30 30
Weight 5,605 LBS (2,542.4 kg) 6,680 LBS (3,030 kg)
Variable-Displacement Piston Motors Up to 6,000 PSI – 52-108 GPM Up to 6,000 PSI – 52-108 GPM
Warning: Due to the possible danger of flying debris, impact-resistant shielding MUST be provided for the operator. The owner is responsible for providing operator-protection devices on the power unit.

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