Battle Ax – 30 Series

18,000-36,000 lb Excavators

The Loftness 30 Series Battle Ax is optimized for use on excavators ranging from 18,000 to 36,000 pounds. It features the popular depth gauge design and Loftness exclusive two-stage cutting chamber. This maximizes performance and gives you the ability to create some of the smallest particle sizes in the industry. Plus, we’ve equipped it with the ideal hydraulic motor, belt drive and other features to pair well with your power unit. Of course, it’s all backed by Loftness’ superior customer support and large dealer network.

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Depth Gauges

The Battle Ax rotor design uses built-in depth gauges to control cutting depth, like raker teeth on a chainsaw.

Two-Stage Cutting Chamber

Two shear bars allow the Battle Ax to produce a finer mulch with fewer passes. The primary shear bar is adjustable for controlling particle sizes.

Convenient Tooth Mounting

The cutting teeth are mounted to the rotor with a single bolt. They can be easily reversed, replaced or removed on the jobsite using a common hex socket.

High-Performance Teeth Options

Choose from three cutting tooth options:

Quadco planer blades
Hard-surface Quadco blades
Double carbide teeth

Adjustable-Displacement Piston Motor

The 30 Series Battle Ax features a 105cc adjustable displacement piston motor for excavators with hydraulic systems ranging from 20 to 60 gallons per minute and up to 6,000 PSI (45 to 150 hydraulic horsepower). This motor turns the rotor from 2,000 to 2,600 RPM and can be manually adjusted for fine-tuning performance on a variety of excavators.

Synchronous Belt Drive

The positive drive, cog belt and sprocket design increases efficiency and requires less maintenance than other drive types.

Machined Anti-Wrap Bearing Protection

Rotor ends are machine turned to mate with close tolerance, machined anti-wrap rings, which minimize debris in the bearing chamber.

Premium Strength Steel Housing

The Battle Ax is constructed of high-strength steel to withstand some of the toughest operating conditions.

Steel Deflector Chains

Running the entire length of the mulching attachment, steel deflector chains improve safety by reducing flying debris.

Optional Spade Hook/Hydraulic Thumb

The spade hook is a useful tool for positioning material to be mulched. A hydraulic thumb is also optional for added versatility.

Multiple Mounting Options

The Battle Ax comes standard with a flat plate mount. Direct, Quick Attach or pivoting mounts are optional.

2-Year Warranty

The Battle Ax comes standard with an industry-leading 2-year warranty.


Pick Your Teeth


Reversible with ultra-sharp, heat-treated steel knife edges, the Quadco planer blades effortlessly slice through trees and vegetation, as opposed to shredding and tearing. They can be rotated on site for a fresh cutting edge, or sharpened to maintain efficiency.


A hardened surface on the outside of these Quadco blades wears at a slower pace than the inside, creating a self-sharpening effect for long-lasting performance. These cutting teeth are more ideal for use in loam or sandy soil, and are not recommended for rocky conditions.


Carbide cutting teeth are highly durable for withstanding tough operating conditions, such as rocky terrain. The Battle Ax rotor is designed to work well with these teeth, whereas ring-style rotors tend to have difficulty picking up material when using carbides.


Model 41BX30 51BX30
Cutting Width 41″ (1 m) 51″ (1.3 m)
Recommended Excavator Weight Range (in Pounds) 18K-36K 18K-36K
Overall Width 56.375″ (1.4 m) 66.375″ (1.7 m)
Number of Teeth 20 26
Weight (without mount) 2,010 LBS (911.7 m) 2,210 LBS (1,002.4 kg)
Crated Weight 2,150 LBS (975.2 kg) 2,360 LBS (1,070.5 kg)
Hydraulic Horsepower Range 45-150 Hydraulic HP 45-150 Hydraulic HP

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