8-Ton Fertilizer Spreader

The Loftness F810 8-ton fertilizer spreader is variable rate ready for your precision application needs. It’s available with a variety of wheel and tire options to meet the needs of many different farming operations. The high frame clearance allows for in-season applications in row crops, and its versatile design is excellent for as well. Even more, the heavy-duty stainless-steel construction helps provide the long-lasting reliability customers have come to expect in Loftness products.

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We’re Variable Rate Ready if You Are

The F810 is equipped for variable rate applications. Whether you want to load a fertilizer prescription or manually change rates on the go, it has everything you need to spread fertilizer exactly where you want it.


Hydraulic Conveyor Drive

The hydraulic conveyor drive allows the conveyor speed to operate independently of the ground speed.

Controlled Spinner Drive

The controlled spinner drive works in conjunction with a speed sensor, allowing the operator to set the desired spinner speed from the cab to match the desired spread width. Simply enter the desired spinner speed, and the spinners will adjust automatically to the programmed speed.

Dual Stainless-Steel Spinners

20-Inch dual stainless-steel spinners produce a consistent spread pattern from 40 to 90 feet wide.

40-Inch Frame Clearance

A 40-inch frame clearance allows the spreader to be used for in-season applications in row crops.

80- to 150-Inch Row Spacing

Wheel spacing is adjustable from 80 to 150 inches when equipped with row crop wheels to accommodate a variety of row spacings.

Obstruction-Free Interior

The stainless-steel hopper is smooth with a 35-degree slope, minimal flat surfaces and no internal gussets or plates to accumulate fertilizer. This results in a much cleaner system that maximizes material flow and helps prevent corrosion.

Adjustable Hitch

The hitch has a moveable clevis to accommodate a wider range of drawbar heights, and allows for leveling of the spreader. The hitch is also integral to the frame, while the suspension pulls from the hitch to lower the amount of frame stress.

Wheel/Tire Options

A variety of wheel and tire options are available, including duals.

Optional Integral Scale

Closely monitor application rates and the amount of material remaining in the hopper with the integral four-point scale option.

Optional Roll Tarp

Roll tarps can be sourced from third parties to protect material within the hopper from weather elements.



Model F810
Spread Pattern (Dual) 40′ – 90′
Hopper Capacity (Struck) 295 cu. ft.
Hopper Capacity (Heaped) 295 cu. ft.
Weight (Empty) 5,540 lbs
Max Gross Weight 20,000 lbs
Overall Length 196″
Overall Width 92″ – 168″
Overall Height 120″
Hopper Length 119″
Hopper Width 92″
Hopper Height 56″
Tires 380/90R46
Axles/Suspension Standard: Adjustable 80″ – 150″
Optional: 60″ – 134″
Frame Material A572 GR50
Hitch Material A572 GR50
Drawbar Standard: Cat. 3
Optional: Cat. 2,4
Hopper Material 409 stainless steel
Gate Material 409 stainless steel
Conveyor Chain Material 409 stainless steel
Spinner Dish Material 409 stainless steel
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